• Air-Con Monitor Basic

Air-Con Monitor basic switches off air conditioning when no one is in the room. A night time feature allows the monitor to be disabled when it is dark for use in a bedroom when you don't want the air-con switching off when people are asleep. 

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Air-Con Monitor Basic - Model Features

  • Timer select with 15, 30 and 60 minutes delay from the instant the room is left empty till Power Off commands are sent
  • Light sensor feature for night time disable if required.
  • High sensitivity motion sensor with up to 6 meters detection range
  • Transmitter within a 6 meter wide direction from the device to send off command
  • No wires for simple installation
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Designed in an alarm PIR housing to avoid being identified for its real usage.
  • Designed and made in England to a high quality.
Air-Con Monitor Features
No Movement Detection No Movement Detection detects when a room is not occupied you can set the time the monitor will wait while it sees no movement before it sends the off command to the air-conditioning unit.
Night Time Disable Basic Night Time Disable can be activated to stop the off command being sent when it is dark. This can be used in a bedroom when you don't want the air-conditioning turned off while people are sleeping.
Advanced Night time light adjustment X
Real time active/deactive timer X
Minimum Temperature Control X
Door / Window open sensor X
USB + Software Setup X

Air-Con Monitor Basic

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